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Optical crystals
Super-high refractive micro-ball lenses

These micro-ball lenses are made by the single crystals which have higher refractive indices than the other glasses or ceramics. These are useful for micro-optical devices.

Features of the micro-ball lens
The optical coating is available
The special shape; hemispherical, cylindrical, and hemicylildrical are available.

Materials Refractive index
Sr compound single crystals 2.4
Zr compound single crystals 2.2
Transparent ceramics 2.0
Optical glasses 1.5 - 1.8
  Physical properties
  Sr compound Zr compound
Density 5.122 g/cm3 6.05 g/cm3
Heat expansion 11.110-6/K 10.310-6 /K
Heat conductivity 2.0×10-4 J/msK 1.910-4 J/msK
Knoop hardness 595 HK 1650 HK
Refractive index 2.41 589 nm 2.19 589 nm
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