Neodymium Gallate

NaGaO3(110) is widely used as a substrate for epitaxial growth of magnetic materials, ferroelectrics, and superconductors.
The (011) plane is also attracting attention as an epitaxial substrate for GaN because its lattice length and symmetry are similar to those of GaN (0001).

Our company performs integrated production from crystal growth by CZ method to substrate processing.
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Composition NdGaO3
Crystal system Orthorhombic
Crystal structure Perovskite
Lattice constant a=0.5431 nm, b=0.5499 nm, c=0.7710 nm
Melting point 1650 ℃
Density 7.56 g/cm3
Crystal growth method CZ method
Dielectric constant 20~25 (27℃,1 MHz)
Thermal expansion coefficient 10×10-6/℃

X-ray rocking curve of Neodymium Gallate crystal

Standard specs

(Outer size tolerance: ±0.1 mm / Thickness tolerance: ±0.05 mm)
10×10×0.5 t
15×15×0.5 t
(Tolerance: ±0.5°)
(100), (001)
(110), (011)
Polishing One-side / Both-side
Surface roughness Ra≦1.0 nm, Rmax≦5.0 nm
(λ=632.8 nm)
10×10×0.5 t ≦λ
15×15×0.5 t ≦1.5 λ
Options OFF substrate
Breakable substrate

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Standard model: 1 week after order
Special model: 1 month or more after order