Lanthanum Aluminate

Our company performs integrated production from crystal growth by CZ method to substrate processing.
Please make use of our substrate for your various epitaxial growth research.



Composition LaAlO3
Crystal system Trigonal (Pseudo-cubic)
Crystal structure Pseudo-perovskite
Lattice constant a=0.379 nm (Pseudo-cubic)
Melting point 2100 ℃
Crystal growth method CZ method
Density 6.52 g/cm3 (20 ℃)
Dielectric constant 15~22 (300 K, 1MHz)
Thermal expansion coefficient 12.6×10-6/℃
Phase transition Approx. 420℃
(Trigonal ⇔ Cubic)
Twin crystal Generated by phase transition

※The precise system is trigonal (a=0.5357 nm, α=60.1°), but it is generally treated as pseudo-cubic or hexagonal.

Standard specs

(Outer size tolerance: ±0.1 mm / Thickness tolerance: ±0.05 mm)
10×10×0.5 t
15×15×0.5 t
(Tolerance: ±0.5°)
(100), (110)
Polishing One-side / Both-side
Surface roughness Ra≦1.0 nm, Rmax≦5.0 nm
Options STEP substrate
OFF substrate
Breakable substrate

※If you are looking for other specs, please contact us.
※Delivery time (about):
Standard model: 1 week after order
Special model: 1 month or more after order