Ra≦1.0nm1/2 lattice constant of LSAT is 0.3868 nm, which matches well with high temperature superconductors and other high-function oxides. LSAT crystal has larger size and higher crystallinity than SrTiO3, and it does not contain twin crystals as LaAlO3.

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Composition (LaAlO3)0.3-(SrAl0.5Ta0.5O3)0.7
Crystal system Cubic
Crystal structure Perovskite
Lattice constant a=0.7736 nm (1/a=0.3868 nm)
Melting point 1840 ℃
Density 6.79 g/cm3(20 ℃)
Dielectric constant 22 (27℃,1 MHz)


Standard specs

(Outer size tolerance: ±0.1 mm / Thickness tolerance: ±0.05 mm)
10×10×0.5 t
15×15×0.5 t
(Tolerance: ±0.5°)
Polishing One-side / Both-side
Surface roughness Ra≦1.0 nm, Rmax≦5.0 nm
Options OFF substrate
Breakable substrate

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Standard model: 1 week after order
Special model: 1 month or more after order