Sapphire Laser Cap
Sapphire Laser Cap


  • High strength and high reliability
  • No degradation even with a high power laser
  • Excellent heat dissipation (Thermal conductivity: 40 times that of glass)
  • No variation in the polarization extinction ratio due to the strict regulation of the optical axis (c-axis)
  • High transmittance achieved by excellent AR coating
  • High strength and high airtightness achieved by excellent metallization coating
  • Kovar rings bonding available
  • Special shapes such as square windows and tapered versions available

Standard specs

Outer diameter (D) 2.8±0.05
Thickness(T) 0.28±0.05
Metallized inner diameter(M) 2.0±0.15
AR outer diameter(A) 1.70±0.1
AR outer diameter(B) 2.2±0.1

AR coating standards

W: 1270 ~ 1650nm T>98%
C: 1520 ~ 1610nm T>99%

980 ± 30nm

1480 ± 30nm

A: 980 ± 30nm T>99%
S: 1450 ~ 1520nm T>99%

※Please feel free to contact us for other specifications than above.