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Sapphire (α-Al2O3) substrates
Our sapphire substrate is good for epitaxial growth of the nitride semiconductors, superconductors, and ferroelectric materials. We can provide the sapphire substrates for research and industrial use.
   The crystal defects eliminated.
 The damage layers eliminated.
Crystal structure Colundum structure (trigonal)
Lattice constant a=0.4759 nm
c=1.299 nm
Melting point 2040
Density 3.987 g/cm3
Dielectric constant
(along c-axis) 9.41 (30 GHz)
Tan delta
(along c-axis) 3 10-5 (30 GHz)
  Standard (written in bold characters)
STEP substrate available for mark
Orientation (0001) , (01-12) , (11-20) , (01-10)
Size 10mm 10mm 0.5mmt , 15mm 15mm 0.5mmt ,
dia. 50.8 0.33mmt , dia. 50.8 0.425mmt ,
dia. 76.2 0.425mmt , dia. 76.2 0.525mmt ,
Polish One side / both sides
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