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Substrates for thin film applications
Neodymium Gallate(NGO:NdGaO3)Substrate

We supply NdGaO3 single crystal substrates which are suitable for epitaxial growth.
We hope that will help your research & development.


Excellent lattice match with superconductors
High quality
Large-diameter;to 2 inches at the maximum

Crystal system Orthorhombic
Lattice constant

a = 0.5431 nm
b = 0.5499 nm
c = 0.7710 nm

Melting point
7.56 g/cm3  
Dielectric constant
20~25 (27,1MHz)
Thermal expansion coefficient
10 10-6 /
Orientation (100)(001)(110)、(011)
Orientation tolerance 0.5 °
Size 10 10 0.5tmm
15 15 0.5tmm
Polish One side / Both side
Ra 1.0 nm / Rmax 5.0 nm
Flatness ( = 632.8 nm)
  Please ask the specification, different size, off-set angle substrate, etc
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