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Substrates for thin film applications
STEP substrate
We provide oxide single-crystal "STEP" substrates which consist of flat terraces and molecular layer steps with high accuracy surface.

The "STEP" substrates manufactured with high quality in our special process are the most suitable for epitaxial growth of high quality thin films.

The "STEP" substrates are made of high quality single crystals.

The "STEP" substrates have excellent polished surface which have small roughness and no strained layer caused.

·Standard item
Al2O3 - c (0001) 10mm×10mm×0.5mmt
SrTiO3 - (100) 10mm×10mm×0.5mmt,
Nb: 0.05wt% (100)
  ·Production by orders
Al2O3   - c (0001) 15mm×15mm×0.5mmt
a (11-20) 10mm×10mm×0.5mmt,
r (01-12)
TiO2 - (100) 10mm×10mm×0.5mmt,
Nb: 0.05wt% (100)
Nb: 0.5wt% (100)
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