Our Precision Processing Technologies

  • Cutting Process:

    We can cut large-size sapphire boules by a wire saw or scriber into minute sapphire parts.

    Consistent Processing from Large-size materials to minute products:

    We can cut materials in the size of 300mm into minute products in the size of 0.1mm or less, so that our cutting process is at the unit of 0.1mm. So, you can give us an order for such various products that we consistently process large-size materials into minute products.

    High Precision Grooving Process:

    We can also groove sapphire plates (with steps) quite precisely by the unit of 10μ to correspond to your specification.

    Cutting Process (image) Cutting Process (image)
  • Grinding Process:

    We can grind various crystals by our high precision grinding methods, such as centerless grinding, cylinder grinding, cylindrical interior/exterior grinding, flat surface grinding, curved surface grinding, etc.

    Centerless Grinding:

    We can process materials into rods from the size of φ0.3mm by our centerless processing of those materials which are fed by an automatic supplying apparatus.

    Cylinder Grinding:

    We can grind materials into large or small cylinders in various sizes (up to φ120mm x L120mm)

    Cylindrical Interior/Exterior Grinding:

    We can precisely process materials by our cylindrical interior/exterior grinding.

    Flat Surface Grinding:

    We have a technology of grinding materials in a short time such as flat surface grinding and rotary grinding.

    Curved Surface Grinding:

    We also have a technology of curved surface grinding by using a machine exclusively designed for it. We can efficiently process materials by using jigs and tools into various products (R form, SR form, ball-shaped, etc.).

    Grinding Process (image) Grinding Process (image)
  • Polishing Process:

    We use high-precision polishing methods such as lapping processing, mechanochemical processing, etc.

    Lapping Polishing:

    We can correspond to your request for lapping polishing at the level of maximum φ300mm.

    Complete Mirror Polishing:

    We can offer you our finishing technology of complete mirror polishing at the level of Ra=0.5nm. We can also offer you our precision polishing up to thickness= 1㎛, flatness= λ /10 and parallelism= 1㎛.

    Polishing Process (image)
  • Other Processing Technologies:

    Drilling Process:

    We can drill materials from minimum size φ0.1mm and thickness 0.1 – 2mm.

    Supersonic Machining:

    We can precisely process pattern holes to follow your specification.

    Laser Processing:

    We can offer you our porous through hole machining by using laser beams.

    Tube Processing:

    We can offer you our cylindrical interior/exterior grinding to make tubes ranging from small thin tubes to large thick tubes (interior/exterior accuracy: 10㎛, thickness: 0.3mm or over, internal diameter: φ2mm – φ120mm, length: We respond to any of your request for this type of processing.)

    Microblast Processing:

    We correspond to your request by our precision grooving process by using sand-blast.

    Joining Process:

    We can directly and strongly join sapphire and sapphire without using any adhesives.

    Coating Technology:

    We can treat the surface of sapphire products by our AR coating to control the light reflection on the surface. Furthermore, we can also solder sapphire and metal parts by our technology of thin-film metalizing.

    Other Processing Technologies (image) Other Processing Technologies (image) Other Processing Technologies (image) Other Processing Technologies (image)

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