• We are consistently engaged in our production processes starting from growing crystals,precision cutting and polishing, and ending with abrasive forming of our final products.Please make sure the quality of our Scube Group.
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The feature of SHINKOSHA - › A world’s leading company that possesses technologies to grow large-size sapphire crystals in possession of our own furnaces and process crystals to make our final products. › Accumulation of our massive technical data and information on sapphire crystals in our more than 65 years’ history. › Meticulous correspondence to our customers from an order of only one piece.

Scube Group:

What is "Scube"?

It’s a group which specializes in making a series of such brand products that create new potential products of new added value.

Origin of "Scube":

It stands for our production policy In Search of Sapphire Excellence SHINKOSHA.

A Series of Scube Products: If you click each one of the photos below, you can enlarge it.

  • Round windowsRound windows
  • Square windowsSquare windows
  • Pin rodsPin rods
  • TubesTubes
  • PrismsPrisms
  • BallsBalls
  • PlatesPlates
  • Thermal diffusion bondingThermal diffusion bonding
  • LensLens
  • DrillingDrilling
  • Optically coated productsOptically coated products (dichroic filter, AR coating
    and metal thin-film)
  • GroovingGrooving
  • Metalized productsMetalized products
  • Small-size formingSmall-size forming
  • Shot glassShot glass
  • SealSeal
  • Nameplate, business card and key holderNameplate, business card and key holder
  • Large-size platesLarge-size plates
  • Large-size column and ringsLarge-size column and rings
  • Orientation modelOrientation model

Precision Processing of Sapphire Crystals:

  • 7 Properties of Sapphire Crystals:

    1. High thermostability (at 2,000 ℃)
    2. Abrasive resistance (5 times as strong as glass)
    3. Chemical resistance (No melting against acids and alkalis)
    4. Thermal conductivity (40 times as conductive as glass)
    5. Electric insulation
    6. Ultrahigh purity (99.99%)
    7. Wide wavelength transmittance (against UV to IR)
  • Applications of Sapphire Crystals:

    • Window materials for high-class watches
    • Substrates for blue and white LEDs
    • Substrates for epitaxial growth
    • Vapor deposition sources for alumina coating
    • Window materials against UV and IR transmittance
    • Window materials for preventing scratches
    • Window materials against high temperature and pressure
    • Parts for manufacturing equipment of semiconductors
    • Parts for medical equipment
    • Sapphire laser caps
    • Sapphire prisms (lens)
    • Large-size sapphire windows
    • Other unique products

    For the details, please click here.

  • Our Precision Processing Technologies:

    • Cutting
    • Grinding
    • Polishing
    • Others

    For the details, please click here.

  • Machines and Equipment in our Possession:

    • Large-size precision lapping machines
    • Large-size precision both-side polishing machines
    • Precision both-side polishing machines
    • Laser interferometers
    • Analyzing apparatus
    • Optical microscopes
    • Measuring microscopes
    • Automatic cutting machines for hard crystals
    • Large-size cutting machines for hard crystals
    • Lateral plane grinders
    • Vertical plane grinders
    • Automatic centerless grinders
    • Plane grinders
    • Cylinder grinders
    • One-side polishing machines
    • Biaxial precision lapping machines
    • Brush polishing machines
    • Ram-type milling machines
    • High-speed precision lathes
    • Machining centers
    • Curve generators (lens processing machines)
    • X-ray analyzers
    • Atomic force microscopes (AFM)
    • Inspection apparatus for wafer particles
    • Clean rooms
    • Sputtering machines
    • Single crystal growing furnaces
      (the Verneuil, Cz and TSMG methods)
    • Ultrapure water system
    • Others

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you produce a small quantity?
We welcome your order for even only one piece.
Can you accept any form I request?
Yes, we can. If you give us your production drawing of the item, we will respond to any form you request. We will provide you with such precision processing of the item difficult to make. So, please feel free to ask us even if it is anew item you have not ordered before.
Do you set up a standard price?
We make our products completely in response to your specific order (custom-made production). So, we will give you a quotation for each case of your orders.
Do you directly sell your products?
Yes, we do. Please feel free to contact us.
Can you do only polishing for me?
Basically, we can do. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
Can you come to see me?
We will be pleased to come to see you and/or communicate through internet at any time you ask us to do so.
Can you follow up our technical issues?
We have accumulated a great deal of technical data and information for many years and we can provide you with adequate follow-up. Even after our delivery of the items, our sales engineers will make contact with you so as to give you close and adequate follow-up services.
Can you give me a price list?
As a rule, we do custom-made production, so that we don’t have a price list as such. So, we will respond to each case of your order. Please feel free to ask us for a quotation which is free of charge.
Can you deliver the item in a short period?
When it is an item we have in stock, we can deliver it immediately. Otherwise, we make it anew and deliver it after our custom-made production. We can deliver it in a short period, quickly responding to your order.
What are the points to notice in studying
    the use of a sapphire crystal?
If you expose it to UV, please let us know in advance. And, please keep it in mind that sapphire is rather weak against heat impact such as rapid refrigeration.

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