Management Philosophy

―Spirit of Foundation―

“Belief (Shin) is the essence of everything”

Respect “Trust (Shin-yo), Faith (Shin-rai) and Loyalty (Shin-gi)” in every aspect of our business. Aim at the spirit of three-way well-being to the seller, the buyer, and the society.

Basic Policies of Management

  1. 1.With the vision of “Innovation, Creation, and Continuation”, achieve long-lasting stable prosperity and development, and realize the fulfillment and abundance of employees materially and spiritually.
  2. 2.“Pioneer the future of crystal and optical technology”, develop original and high-value-added products for a wide range of applications, make them “unrivaled”, and provide them to the global market.
  3. 3.Be mindful of “Our size” and do not pursue short-term profits unnecessarily, try to develop multifaceted businesses with stable growth over the medium-to-long term.
  4. 4.“All for the sake of customers” – Continue to be a value-innovation generator that creates customer demands by solving their issues, and provides high value-added products, services, satisfaction, and emotion.
  5. 5.Blaze our own trail with a tough frontier spirit and hold fast to the DNA of “Fireballs” that carries sincerity, absolute honesty, and perseverance.