Looking a new world of 7 billion people through sapphire crystal.

Shinkosha is a leading company of oxide single crystal production. We are one of the largest sapphire crystal manufacturers in Japan, and also one of the largest rutile crystal manufacturers in the world.

Crystals grown by
our original high technology
create new value.
We have created unique products with technologies centered on crystal growth, which is our greatest strength. Starting with synthetic gemstone, we have developed our businesses into optical fibers for telecommunication devices, sapphire substrates for LED’s, and window shield materials for luxury watches. Responding to the changing times, we have recently developed our businesses into frontier industries such as infrastructure-related business, aerospace and medical treatment. Ceaseless approach with out-of-the-box thinking to bring products unrivalled and meet all customer needs. We make a contribution to the new value creation and market development by Shinkosha’s unique product development capability.
Expansion into the global market
by reliable technology and
Currently our products are used in many countries and we stay focused on the global marketplace. Moreover, we also participate R&D projects of leading technology including the gravitational telescope, “KAGRA”. Based on our unique technology and performance which have been accumulated so far, we steadily make strides toward the world and a new age.
Shinkosha’s DNA that continues
to take on a challenge for improving technology
development capabilities.
We have always continued to collect basic information from The Japanese Association for Crystal Growth (JACG) and other academic circles, conduct trend analysis of crystal, examine new initiatives, and improve our conventional methods. Also we continue to take on new challenges in pursuit of what other companies cannot do and what has never existed before. This spirit is the inherited DNA of Shinkosha. We will make efforts endlessly to enhance our technical capabilities to meet the various needs of our customers.
As a comprehensive crystal manufacturer
which cannot be found elsewhere
Based on thorough customer-orientation, we offer total solutions as a comprehensive crystal manufacturer which is capable of everything, from material fabrication to final polishing.
Our goal is to be “The comprehensive crystal manufacturer not found anywhere else in the world”. Hoping to be trusted for a long time by tackling your challenges and difficulties with our technology, ideas, and passion.