Alumina Evaporation Material
Alumina Evaporation Material

High-purity alumina(Al2O3) evaporation material.

Sintered alumina evaporation materials contain a small amount of impurities as a binder.
These impurities can occasionally cause outgassing and splashing.
SHINKOSHA’s single crystal evaporation materials are binder-free, reducing such risks significantly.

For anti-reflection coatings, hard coatings, and chemical-resistant coatings, please use our alumina evaporation materials, which are manufactured in an integrated production system from crystallization to cleaning.


Hi-purity Al2O3 single crystal (purity: 99.99%), Refractive index(1.63@550nm)

Standard specs

Shape Image Model number Particle diameter
Crushed type ES-0510 0.5~1.0 mm
ES-1020 1.0~2.0 mm
ES-1035 1.0~3.5 mm
Cut type CS-1030 1.0~3.0 mm
Semicircle type M13 13 mm×7 mm×6 mmt
M15 15 mm×7.5 mm×6 mmt
M18 18 mm×9.5 mm×5 mmt
M20 20 mm×10 mm×5 mmt

※Please feel free to contact us for other specifications than above.