Sapphire Substrate
Sapphire Substrate

Please use Shinkosha’s sapphire substrate for group
III nitride semiconductors such as blue and white LEDs.

Characteristics of Shinkosha’s sapphire substrate

Excellent processing accuracy
Achieving small warpage and excellent parallelism!
Interferometer image
Excellent surface
Surface processed in sub-nano order!

Atomic force microscope (AFM) image
Excellent cleanliness
Our high cleaning capacity enables to provide suitable substrates for the deposition process!
Particle distribution on sapphire substrate surface
Excellent crystal
Substrates with good crystallinity available!

X-ray rocking curve of sapphire

Standard Specs

One-side polishing

Item φ2 in φ3 in φ4 in
Diameter 50.8mm 76.2mm 100.0mm
Flatness <13μm <15μm <20μm
Parallelism <10μm <15μm <20μm
Orientation-flat length 16±1mm 22±2mm 32±2mm

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