Sapphire Products 【Scube®】

 Sapphire (α-Al2O3), a single crystal of aluminum oxide, is a material with excellent optical, mechanical, thermal, and chemical resistance properties. In particular, it has excellent transmission characteristics in the infrared region, and is widely used as an infrared transmitting window.
 With the maturation of crystal growth technology in the recent years, it has become possible to stably obtain large, high-purity crystals larger than 300mm, which has led to an increase in applications that were previously difficult to handle.


Large sapphire windows



Transmittance of sapphire

Optical-grade   c(0001)-plane  5mmt





 SHINKOSHA’s original TSMG (Top Seeded Melt Growth) method can produce large diameter ingots of sapphire single crystals. This makes it possible to produce wide and thick sapphire windows and components such as mirrors for the gravitational wave telescope (KAGRA).


Sapphire ingot by TSMG method
Large and thick sapphire products



※ Scube®  ~ In search of Sapphire excellence Shinkosha ~

 ”Scube” is a new brand of Shinkosha with a strong will to “mastering sapphires”. We are fully committed to meeting the needs of our customers who require particularly a high level of technology, such as custom-made products to customers or cutting edge research fields.