Rutile Prism
Rutile Prism

Rutile (Titanium dioxide) single crystal has a very high refractive index and birefringence.

Birefringence: Rays passing through a rutile prism are separated into ordinary and extraordinary rays.
The polarization state of the extraordinary ray is perpendicular to that of ordinary one.
Please use our rutile for prism and birefringent polarizer with a high refractive index.

Rutile has excellent resistance to heat and corrosion.
We provide high quality crystals grown by our original method.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for special specifications such as shape, size, and coating.

Material name Rutile (Titanium dioxide, TiO2)
Crystal growth method Verneuil method
Crystal system Tetragonal
Crystal structure Rutile
Color Pale yellow
Purity 99.98%
Density 4.26g/cm3
Rutile YVO4 LiNbO3
Birefringence @1550 nm 0.250 0.200 0.079
Refractive index @1550 nm no 2.444 1.938 2.219
ne 2.694 2.138 2.140
Thermal expansion coefficient (x10-6/K) c-axis 10.1 11.37 16.7
a-axis 7.81 4.43 7.0
Mohs hardness 6.5 5 5

Figure 1: Transmittance of rutile in the visible and near-infrared regions. 0.5 mm thick, (001) direction.

Figure 2: Refractive index of rutile in ordinary and extraordinary rays.

Figure 3: Comparison of rutile reflectance (with and without Anti-Reflective coating).

Figure 4: Reflectance of rutile with an Anti-Reflective coating (enlarged view of Figure 3).